Even God rests, then why not Pinarayi Vijayan: AK Balan

Thiruvananthapuram: Almighty God also took a day’s rest after creating the universe; Then why not Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan? CPM comes to the rescue. It seems that the communists in Kerala are taking help of the Bible to get their point across. On Friday, senior CPM leader and party central committee member AK Balan cited a Biblical story to justify the CM’s two-week holiday abroad. Speaking to the media, Balan said that the CM has taken leave from his grueling schedule filled with administrative and organizational responsibilities. He compared Pinarayi’s rest to God’s resting on the seventh day after the creation of the universe. “What’s wrong in letting a person live under unnecessary stress, let him relax a little? Even God, who created the universe, rested for one day after working for six days. This is what we call Sunday. God also rested once a week. You won’t even let the CM do that,” Balan quipped with a smile while talking to the media after the party secretariat meeting on Friday. Justifying the visit, Balan said that the CM has not gone to outer space. “It’s a place within a call’s distance. Campbell Bay in Andaman and Nicobar is the southernmost tip of India. It is called Indira Point. He has gone to Indonesia, which is just 60 km from here. Pinarayi Vijayan is within calling distance. Do you know?” Balan asked. The CPM leader compared the CM’s visit to visiting Delhi or some such place. These are countries close to India. He has gone on a personal visit after spending his own money, that too through the Central Government and After taking permission from your party. What problem do you have with this? he asked. Balan did not spare the media for creating unnecessary controversy over the CM’s visit. He even dramatically warned Shastris of the guilt that would haunt them even after death.

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