Elephant crushes woman who was trying to save her life, dies

Surajpur. An old woman was crushed to death by elephants in Khadgawa Kala Forest Range Circle Jhingapara PRF 2558 forest number under Pratappur Forest Range of the district. A group of four elephants has been roaming in the area for the past several days.

According to the information, elephants vandalized Binti Prajapati’s house last night. Due to the movement of elephants and darkness, Binti Prajapati tried to run away, but the herd of elephants attacked Binti Prajapati and crushed him to death. While there was panic among the people at night due to elephant violence, this incident spread like wildfire in the morning. The Forest Department team reached the spot and took the body of Vinati Prajapati into their custody.

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