Chhattisgarh: Teen fell into a pit, family shocked by his death

Jashpur jashpur news. A minor has died tragically in the district. In fact, a minor who went out to search for a calf died after drowning in a pit filled with water. The incident has caused a sensation in the area. This incident is from Kersai Village of Kunkuri police station area. jashpur
chhattisgarh news According to the information, 15-year-old Prem Gupta, who went out to search for a calf in Kersai village, died after falling into a pit dug to build a house. Regarding the incident, the family has demanded action against the house builder, accusing him of negligently leaving the pit open. As soon as the information of the incident was received, the police reached the spot and started investigating. chhattisgarh

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