Youth from Sukma arrested while supplying ganja in Raipur

Raipur. Inter-state accused Pojja Kashyap has been arrested with ganja. The informer informed the Tikrapara police that a person had ganja with him near the new bus stand in Bhathagaon. Trying to go somewhere. On which, under the direction of senior officers and under the leadership of Tikrapara police station in-charge, a team of Tikrapara police station went to the said place, identified and arrested a person of the description described by the informer.

During interrogation, the person revealed his name to be Sukma, resident of Pojja Kashyap. When the team members searched the bag kept with him, it was found that ganja was kept in the bag. On which the accused Pojja Kashyap was arrested and 04 kg 200 grams of Ganja worth approximately Rs 42,000/- was seized from his possession and a crime number 423/24 under Section 20B Narcotic Act was registered against the accused in Tikrapara police station.

Arrested accused – Pojja Kashyap, father Hadma Kashyap, age 25 years, resident of Tangaras police station, Kukanar tehsil, Chhindgarh district, Sukma.

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