Young man had come to friend’s sister’s wedding, injured in knife attack

Durg. A knife exchange took place between two parties at a wedding ceremony in Jamul police station area of the district. In this, a young man got seriously injured after being stabbed in the stomach. After the incident, Jamul police have arrested two accused.

Jamul police station in-charge Keshal Koshale said that the incident happened last Sunday night. Pappu Sao’s father Rajaram Sao (27 years), who lives near Maurya grocery shop in Ghasidas Nagar, works as a daily wage labourer. On May 12, he had gone to Satnam Bhawan Ghasidas Nagar to attend the wedding ceremony of his friend Rakesh’s sister. His brothers Sonu Saav and Heera Saav also went with him. Two young men named Sachin and Potta, residents of the locality, were also present in that wedding.

The procession arrived around 9.30 pm. Everyone was dancing in it. Pappus, Sonu and Heera had also gone as wedding guests and they also started dancing. Meanwhile, a dispute started between the wedding party and the gharati side regarding dancing in the wedding procession.

Before anyone could understand anything, both Potta and Sachin started hitting Sonu Sav. He abused her and said that she had forbidden him to dance, but even then he was not agreeing. Meanwhile, Pappu and Heera tried to intervene. This escalated the dispute and Potta took out a knife from his pocket and inserted it into Sonu Sau’s stomach. Sonu fell there bleeding.

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