Woman Gets Boyfriend’s Name Tattooed On Forehead

A woman recently was seen getting her boyfriend’s name tattooed on her forehead. The video of the incident has gone viral on social media.

Being in love can make someone do all sorts of weird and crazy things, but an Instagram influencer named Ana Stanskovsky has certainly taken things up a notch in terms of bizarreness as she permanently inked her partner’s name on her forehead.

Social media is up in arms about this instance and the video of Ana is making the rounds everywhere. In this video, a tattoo artist can be seen holding the tattoo gun and stamping the name ‘Kevin’ on Ana’s forehead in giant letters.

When the artist is done with his work, Ana, in front of a mirror, seems to be over the moon looking at the final product and asks ‘Do you think he will like it?’

To say the least, users had plenty of varied reactions. Some saw the funny side to it commenting ‘Is there a dating sight just for Kevin’s? I hope so,’ whereas one user had a pretty strong opinion, going on to say ‘As a tattoo artist…. I’d NEVER do this to another human being.’

Another one commented on the actual authenticity of the post stating ‘This is obviously fake. There is no needle coming down in the close-ups, just the plastic part of the gun against her skin. Also, there is no redness, no swelling, no bleeding, and no wiping of ink/blood during the process.’

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