Wife brutally murdered in CG, know the whole matter

Manendragarh. Manendragarh. In Manendragarh-Chirmiri-Bharatpur district, a man beat his wife to death. It is being told that there was a dispute between the two over the disappearance of mobile and money from the house. The incident is of Chanwaridand in Manendragarh Kotwali area. According to the information, Ramprasad Baiga (55 years), a resident of Chanwaridand Baigapara, had kept 15 thousand rupees in the house, which were missing. He searched a lot for the money but could not find it. In such a situation, on Tuesday night, he asked his wife Phool Bai (50 years) about the money. Phool Bai denied having any information. After this the dispute escalated.

It is being told that after the dispute at around 12 o’clock on Tuesday night, husband Ramprasad angrily beat his wife Phoolbai with a wooden stick. She suffered serious injuries to her head and internal organs in the attack. Phoolbai fell unconscious on the ground due to the merciless beating and could not get up again. Phoolbai, who was seriously injured in the assault, died in the night itself. When the neighbours reached his house, the body was lying on the ground. The Manendragarh police was informed about this. No other member except the husband and wife was in the house during the incident. The police said that the body has been taken into custody and sent for postmortem. After the postmortem, it will be handed over to the family. Meanwhile, the accused Ram Prasad Baiga, who murdered his wife, has been taken into custody. He is being questioned.

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