When is Vaishakh Purnima, know the auspicious time and worship rules

New Delhi: Vaishakh Purnima has great significance among Hindus. On this day people do many types of religious and spiritual activities. According to the Hindu calendar, Vaishakh Purnima will be celebrated on May 23, 2024. On this day people recite Satyanarayan Katha, offer prayers to the moon and worship Goddess Lakshmi.

It is said that those who keep fast on this holy day, get divine powers and Goddess Lakshmi resides in their house forever.

When is Vaishakh Purnima 2024?
According to the Hindu calendar, Vaishakh Purnima Tithi will start at 06:47 pm on Wednesday, May 22, 2024. At the same time, this date will end the next day on Thursday, May 23 at 07:22 pm. Keeping in view the Udayatithi, Vaishakh Purnima will be celebrated on May 23, 2024.

Moonrise time – 07:12 pm.
Vaishakh Purnima 2024 Puja Rituals
Wake up early in the morning and take a holy bath in the river Ganga.
Those who cannot go for bathing in river Ganga, they should mix Ganga water in bathing water at home.
Some people also visit Haridwar, Rishikesh and other major places on this day for a holy dip in the river Ganga.
It is said that Ganga water purifies the body, mind and soul.
On this day people offer Arghya to Lord Chandra and chant his Vedic mantras.
This special day is also considered fruitful for charity.
On the full moon day, food and clothes should be donated to Brahmins.
On this day devotees observe Satyanarayan fast and worship him.
The day of full moon is considered very special, because the light of the moon falls directly on the earth, which brings prosperity and happiness in the house.
On this day, the needy should be fed food and clothes should be donated.

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