Water crisis in MLA village, now what should villagers do

Mungeli. In the scorching heat, the people of Bataha village of Lormi development block are facing severe water crisis. Of the dozen government hand pumps in the village, except one, almost all the hand pumps are closed or are unusable due to the falling water level. Bataha is the home village of MLA Dharamjit Singh.

All the hand pumps of village Bataha, which has a population of about 2200, are closed. Or they are bad, or the water level has gone down. This is the reason why people have to struggle every day for drinking water. This is not what we say but the villagers. According to the villagers, the problem of low voltage is proving to be a curse, due to which the motor pump of the bore is not able to run, while the cooler and fan are proving to be a show-piece.

People are in dire straits due to the scorching heat. Not only this, the summer crop has been badly affected due to voltage problem. Could not get water on time. Apart from this, a complaint was made that some government hand pumps are being used by private individuals by installing motor pumps, whereas pumps should be installed by the government on government hand pumps, so that public use will be accessible.

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