Warning of traffic jam due to non-availability of drinking water

Rajnandgaon. Villagers in Motipur village of Rajnandgaon district are facing the problem of drinking water in the scorching heat. Due to this problem, Motipur residents reached the Collectorate office and submitted a memorandum to the Collector and warned that if the drinking water problem is not resolved within two days, the villagers will block the Kumarda main road on May 15.

Let us tell you, the villagers reached the Collectorate office and told the Collector through a memorandum that for the last few months, people in their village are not getting drinking water. The tap water scheme is stalled here. There are two bores and a hand pump in the village, but water is not coming from them. The school is surviving on a hand pump.

Dilip Nirmalkar and Shatrughan Nirmalkar, residents of village Motipur, said – On April 22 also, a memorandum was submitted to the Collector regarding this problem, after which people from the PHE department came but the problem has not been solved. He told that there are two bores and one hand pump in the village, out of which the motor pumps of both the bores have broken down. There is no water coming from a hand pump. Due to which people are facing problems for drinking water.

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