Victory of Modi ji, BJP and NDA is certain on June 4: Amit Shah

Kushinagar: Union Home Minister Amit Shah addressed an election rally in Kushinagar on Monday. During this, he said that on June 4, Rahul Baba’s party will not be able to cross 40 and Akhilesh Babu’s will not be able to cross even 4. The people of the country have decided that Narendra Modi will remain the Prime Minister for the next 5 years.

He said that you will see on the afternoon of June 4, Rahul Baba’s people will hold a press conference and say that we have lost because of EVMs. The blame for the defeat will also fall on Kharge Saheb. Six phase voting has ended. I have a 5 stage figure. Modi ji has crossed 310 seats in five phases. The sixth phase has been completed, the seventh phase is about to happen, in which you people have to cross 400.

Amit Shah said that you all know in whose time the Sahara scam of Rs 85 thousand crores took place. Akhilesh Babu, your party was running on Sahara’s funds, you allowed Sahara’s loot to continue. Narendra Modi has started giving refunds. Congress party says that Pakistan has atom bomb, do not ask for PoK. Hey Rahul Baba, your party might be afraid of atom bomb, we BJP people are not afraid. Today I leave from here saying that POK was, is and will be India’s and we will take it.

He said that SP and Congress were sitting stuck on the issue of Ram Janmabhoomi for 70 years. Within 5 years, Modi ji won the case, performed Bhoomi Pujan and also performed life consecration. Modi ji not only built the Ram temple, but also built the Kashi Vishwanath temple which was demolished by Aurangzeb and the Somnath temple is also being made of gold. It was the Samajwadi Party government which had opened fire on the Kar Sevaks. This election is between those who opened fire on Kar Sevaks and those who built Ram Temple. Don’t worry, neither are they going to win nor will we let that happen.

He said that as long as Modi ji and BJP are there, no one can touch the reservation of backward classes. We will not allow reservation on the basis of religion in this country. What they (Indi alliance) have done in Karnataka and Hyderabad, they did the same in Bengal, but there (Bengal) High Court banned it. Muslim reservation is not in accordance with the Constitution. To please their vote bank, they talk about Muslim reservation. The backward classes will have to bear the direct consequences of this. Arrogant coalitions are people who live on the basis of lies. They have said that we will give Muslim reservation. Even if they win by mistake, they will take away the reservation of backward, extremely backward and Dalit people and give it to Muslims.

Amit Shah said that Yogi Adityanath’s government has done the work of increasing the capacity of 38 sugar mills. The area under sowing of sugarcane has also increased by 9 lakh hectares. From 1995 to 2017, SP-BSP had paid only Rs 23 thousand crores to the sugarcane farmers, whereas, from 2017 to 2024, the BJP government has paid Rs 2 lakh 50 thousand crores. Today I want to ask sister Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav that Kushinagar was famous by the name ‘Sugar Bowl’, but during your time 5-6 sugar mills were closed. During the time of our government, the work of restarting 20 sugar mills has been done. The victory of Modi ji, BJP and NDA on June 4 is certain.

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