TTE misbehaved with the couple, VIDEO

Raipur/Bilaspur. The TTE of Delhi to Bilaspur Rajdhani Express has misbehaved with a husband and wife. The husband and wife were coming back to Raipur by train from Delhi after traveling through Kashmir. Meanwhile, he talked to the second class TTE regarding seat adjustment. So another TTE present in the coach misbehaved with him. A video of this incident has also surfaced in which TTE is seen snatching the mobile from the woman.

On the condition of anonymity, the victim told that he had gone to Kashmir with his wife. He had booked a second class ticket of Rajdhani Express from Delhi to Raipur. The seats of both were at different places. So the husband requested the TTE present in the coach to give him a seat. Then another TTE present there started misbehaving with him by talking to him inappropriately.

In this case, the victim says that the TTE called him mental. Which he also opposed. When the train reached Raipur on Sunday morning. So he scolded TTE for misbehavior. So the debate started.

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