Try these 5 diabetes friendly healthy snacking ideas,

Lifestyle: People suffering from diabetes need to pay more attention to their lifestyle and eating habits. If people with diabetes eat an unhealthy diet, it can lead to increased blood sugar levels. In such a situation, some healthy snacks are also being told here. Diabetic patients can also eat these healthy snacks. These snacks are very tasty. Besides, by eating this, blood sugar level also remains under control. Even if you do not have diabetes, you can consume this snack. Let us know which healthy snacks diabetic patients can include in their diet.

Millet cookies are also very beneficial for diabetic patients. These cookies have low glycemic index. It keeps your blood sugar level under control. Millet is gluten free. Its glycemic index is lower compared to other grains.

Ragi upma is a very healthy and tasty breakfast option for diabetics. It is gluten free. It is rich in fiber and protein. After eating Ragi Upma, you do not feel hungry for a long time. Ragi Upma also keeps your blood sugar level under control. This also makes you feel quite relaxed.

Oats smoothie is ready in minutes. Besides, it is also very tasty. This is a very good option for diabetic patients. Oats are rich in fiber, protein and vitamins. Oats smoothie keeps you satiated for a long time.

You can make mug chaat. To make Mag Chaat, you will need Mag Dal, spices and some herbs. You can also use vegetables. You can also take moong dal chaat instead of regular breakfast. This chaat is also very fresh.

Dhokla is a great option for evening snack. This is a popular Gujarati breakfast. This breakfast is high in fiber and protein. By eating this the blood sugar level also remains under control. This is a diabetic friendly breakfast.

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