Trinetra project for Dongargarh, Collector-SP held meeting

Rajnandgaon: Collector Sanjay Agarwal and SP Mohit Garg held a meeting with traders and common citizens to strengthen security and traffic in Dongargarh of the district. Along with this, information was given about installing CCTV cameras and traffic signals in Dongargarh under the Trinetra scheme on the lines of Rajnandgaon city. During this, they were also informed about 3 new laws.

Regarding the Trinetra project, the Collector-SP said that CCTV cameras and traffic signals can be installed in Dongargarh city on the lines of Rajnandgaon city only with public cooperation without any government item. An appeal was made for public cooperation while motivating for this. Appreciating this scheme, people assured cooperation.

Collector-SP said that for the convenience of the pilgrims visiting Maa Bamleshwari Maiyya in Dongargarh and for the security of the city, CCTV cameras will play an important role in crime detection and prevention and for smooth running of the traffic system, traffic signals will play an important role at the main squares and intersections of the city. Along with this, it is also important as evidence in the new law.

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