Treatment under Ayushman Scheme was investigated

Ayushman Yojana: On Saturday, ADM City Dr. Rajesh Kumar and ACMO Dr. Ramit Rastogi visited the hospitals that had applied for treatment after Ayushman. During the inspection, the team followed the standards of care in the hospital. ACMO said that if all the agreements are correct, the license for treatment will be given.

Many hospitals including Fortune Nursing Home and Vimal had applied to treat patients under the Ayushman scheme. ADM City and ACMO along with their team arrived to inspect their respective hospitals. The officials reviewed all the standards related to neurology, surgery and operating room in the hospital.

We also checked the presence of experienced doctors and hospital records. ADM City said that on receiving the application, he has approved it. If the hospital provides standard documents, this process will continue. ACMO said that after confirming that the facilities and equipment in the hospital are complete, he can consider providing the facility.

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