Trainee IAS Officer Demanded Separate Office, Car And A House Before Joining As Assistant Collector In Pune

Qualifying UPSC and becoming IAS officer is a dream for many in India. However, a recent incident of probationary IAS officer misusing her power has gathered limelight. Puja Khedkar, a Probationary IAS officer demanded a separate office, a car as well as house before joining as Assistant Collector in Pune. The WhatsApp chat between the trainee IAS officer and an official of the collectorate has revealed the incident.

“Pls get the designated cabin m vehicle done before I join on 3rd. Later there will be no time. If it is not possible let me know, I will talk to collector sir accordingly,” said the trainee officer in the chat, revealed reports by India Today.

The Chief Secretary was informed about these unusual demands by the District Collector. The District Collector suggested that it would be inappropriate to continue Puja Khedkar’s training in Pune as it can cause issues.

It is important to mention that even though the probationary officer was offered her own chamber, she declined it due to non-availibity of attached bathroom, mentioned the Collector’s report.

The probationary officer was informed that, as she was on probation, the facilities she demanded were not entitled to her.

After the District Collector gave his report on the issue, Puja Khedkar was transferred to Washim district for completion of her training. She was appointed as Assistant Collector of the district and will be serving till July 30, 2025 as ‘supernumerary Assistant Collector’.

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