Traffic lights will be installed at five places in Jagadhari

Yamunanagar: The Yamunanagar-Jagadhari Municipal Corporation (MCYJ) will install traffic control signals at five locations in the twin cities to ensure road safety and smooth flow of traffic. A tender has been issued for this, and the installation will begin soon after the work is awarded to the successful contractor or agency. The MCYJ has estimated the cost of the project at Rs 47.04 lakh. According to sources, the traffic lights are to be installed at the squares of Vishwakarma, Traffic Park, Kanhaiya Sahib, Panchayat Bhawan and Gulab Nagar in the twin cities.

MCYJ SDO Rajesh Sharma said, “The MCYJ has decided to install traffic signals at five locations in Yamunanagar and Jagadhari. The tender is currently under process, and the installation work will begin as soon as the work is awarded to the contractor or agency.” He said the project will provide great relief to commuters from traffic jams and help reduce the number of road accidents in the affected areas. Social activist Anil Kumar, a resident of Professor Colony, Yamunanagar, said traffic control signals should be installed at the identified locations as soon as possible to prevent accidents. This matter has been discussed in the District Road Safety Committee meeting from time to time. Himanshu, a resident of Jagadhari, said, “At some intersections, traffic police personnel are not present or the traffic control signals do not work. In such a situation, there is a possibility of traffic jams and accidents. Therefore, traffic lights should be installed at these places on priority basis.”

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