Tourism business got affected as soon as rain started in Himachal

Hospice Dharamshala: The tourism business has started getting affected as soon as the rains started in Himachal’s tourist city. While all the hotels were booked last weekend, this weekend the occupancy in the hotels of Dharamshala and McLeodganj is only 40 to 45 percent. This time the rain has started even before July 15. Due to the rains in the district, many national highways and many roads have been closed, due to which people from outside states are afraid to come here. At the same time, air flights have also been affected due to bad weather, on Friday 6 flights were affected at Gaggal Airport, which has also affected the tourism business a little. Overall, the occupancy in hotels in the tourist city has been halved this weekend. Some routes and flights are also being affected due to rain, due to which the number of tourists in Dharamshala is seen to be less. Due to heavy rains, outsiders are now afraid to go towards the mountains. Taxi business has come down to 25 percent due to the closure of roads due to heavy rains. Outsiders have stopped coming to Dharamshala after the rains started. With the onset of rains, the movement of outsiders in the markets has reduced. He said that apart from tourists, now even the local people are avoiding coming to the markets.

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