Tiruchy Corporation on alert to prevent fire accidents in micro compost yards

TIRUCHY: Non-biodegradable waste lying exposed for long hours under the sun on the premises of the city corporation’s micro composting centres (MCC) has raised concerns over possible fire outbreaks. However, civic body officials said the functioning of the centres is being regularly monitored. There are about 40 micro composting centres in the city. These centres, after segregation, recycle degradable waste into manure and sell the non-biodegradable waste to cement factories or auction them off to recyclers at regular intervals.

However, such non-biodegradable waste, including plastic, is usually kept on the premises of the micro composting centres before there are disposed off. “So far, we have cleared waste from the premises of 10 micro composting centres and the remaining will be cleared in the coming weeks. Even if there is a minor fire outbreak in any of the centres, we are prepared to handle it. The workers are trained, and there are fire extinguishers. They will also immediately alert our control room,” a senior official said.

However, Friday’s dump yard fire in a private cement factory in Ariyalur has raised concern among civic body officials. “If the cement factory reduces the intake of non-biodegradable waste following the fire incident, it will take time to rid micro compost centres of piled-up waste. But there are recyclers, we are expecting a manageable situation,” an official said on the condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile, the civic body’s waste management has drawn praise from residents. “Even when the temperature went over 40 degrees Celsius, the corporation managed to run these centres without any fire outbreaks. We appreciate their alertness. If we get rain in the coming days, it may reduce their concerns,” said L Manivannan, a resident. An official said even if there is rain, the corporation will remain alert as it has to ensure fogging to prevent mosquito breeding in micro composting centres

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