Three of the same family died due to snakebite, exorcism continued in the village

Gumla: Three members of a family died of snakebite in Palkot block of Gumla district of Jharkhand. After snakebite on Sunday night, instead of taking all three to the hospital, they were made to undergo exorcism in the village. When they were taken to the hospital in the morning, all three had died. It was told that all the members of the family living in Lotwa Dugdugi village had gone to the Rath Yatra fair on Sunday. After returning from there and having food, all the people were sleeping on the floor. During this time, a poisonous krait snake bit them. The deceased include Rajesh Kisan, his wife Sunita and brother Manoj. Family member Bhuvaneshwar said that since it was night time and there was no means to reach the hospital, exorcism was done in the village itself. No vehicle reached the village even in the morning. The villagers took all three on their shoulders and took them to the community health center, but by then all three had died.

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