Thieves targeted the wedding house, also beat the bride

Korba: Thieves are becoming smarter day by day. A sample of this was seen in Korba district, where thieves committed theft by spraying intoxicant in the wedding function. When the bride shouted during the theft, the thieves beat her and ran away.

The incident took place in Sharda Vihar Community Hall under Manikpur outpost area, where there was a haldi ceremony in the bride’s family. During this, five thieves first sprayed intoxicant. As the family members and guests became unconscious, the thieves started searching for cash and gold-silver jewelry.

Meanwhile, when the bride noticed the thieves, she started shouting. The thieves beat her and ran away with gold and silver jewelry along with 50 thousand rupees in cash. Many people who had come to attend the wedding came to know about the incident after regaining consciousness.

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