They charge so much for getting photos clicked, Ori revealed

Mumbai: Orhaan Avatramani alias Ori is a well-known name in Bollywood today. He has created a distinct identity for himself in the industry. Every day, her pictures are seen with many star kids including Deepika Padukone, Jhanvi Kapoor, Ananya Pandey. In such a situation, now everyone wants to know about Ori and what he does.

Although Ori has talked about his earnings and work many times from Bigg Boss to many other events, even today if he goes somewhere, he is asked about this first. Now recently, once again in Bharti and Harsh’s podcast, Ori revealed how much he charges for getting photos clicked.

Ori charges this much for getting photos clicked
Ori recently appeared on Bharti and Harsh’s podcast. During this, he shared many things about his personal and professional life with the host of the show. Bharti asked him whether he was expensive. In response, Ori said, “Do I look cheap?”

After this, when Harsh asked Ori how much he charges for a photo, he replied Rs 20 lakh. However, Ori told that if he gives a photo to a fan, he does not charge for it. Whereas, if he goes to any show or event, he charges Rs 25 lakh. Harsh and Bharti get shocked after hearing this from Ori.

ori likes party
Along with this, Ori revealed in this show that he likes partying a lot. Whenever he gets a party invitation, he definitely attends it. Ori likes to go to parties with music, dancing and dressing up well.

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