These shades of lipstick are best for summer

Lifestyle: The hobby of doing makeup is often seen among women, but there are many women who like to apply only lipstick.

Now it is impossible to talk about makeup and not mention lipstick. But choosing the right lip color according to your skin tone is also a task, because if the right lip color is not chosen then it can spoil the entire look of your face.

While choosing lip color, women often get confused and buy the wrong lip shade. Many times it happens that we like the lip color of others more than our own, but it is not necessary that the lip color which suits them looks equally beautiful on you. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right lip color, so that you too can enhance your beauty. But how will this happen now?

If you are also one of those women who do not know how to choose the right shade for yourself, then today we will tell you some such shades which you can include in your makeup kit and look very beautiful, let us know.

wine color
Wine color has always been considered extremely underrated, but do you know that wine color creates a unique place of its own. If you use only lipstick in makeup then you can choose wine color. This is a dark bold color that you can apply daily and highlight the beauty of your face.

gingerbread color
Only a few women would know about gingerbread color. This color has always been extremely undervalued. This color is a mix of orange brown which looks beautiful on every skin tone. Especially college girls like this color very much because this color looks very different and light. Also you can use this color daily.

ruby red color
Be it a party or any function, this color is very suitable for every occasion. Ruby red color is considered a very bold color. The undertone of this color is orange and in appearance this color also gives a slight purple touch. This color can be the best option for women who do not like dark red color but like bold color.

dusk rose color
Dusk Rose color is completely different from all other color families. This is because this color gives a very natural look to the lips which makes your face glow. Mostly young girls like this color because it is very light and due to this, this color gives a soft look to the face.

deep red color
Talking about lipstick, red color should not be mentioned. This cannot happen. The undertone of this color is warm but it gives a bold and classy look. This color is a style statement in itself. Be it wedding or any occasion, this color has always been evergreen.

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