Theft in transport yard in Raipur, two criminals arrested

Raipur. Two criminals involved in theft in transport yard have been arrested. Shailendra Pal had filed a report that on 09.05.24 at 07.00 pm, Bombay MP had locked himself in Logistics Transport Yard Basant Vihar Gondwara Raipur and went to his home. Truck numbers MH 31 FC 4462 and MH 40 N 5282 were parked inside the yard. When I went to the yard at 10.00 am on 10.05.2024, I found that the trucks parked in the yard had 04 batteries and 01 tarpaulin missing, which was removed by some unknown thief. Has been stolen. The applicant’s report was taken into consideration by registering crime number 440/24 section 457,380 IPC in Khamtarai police station.

During the investigation, through searching the address of the accused, information was received from the informer that 02 persons were hiding 04 pieces of batteries in their possession near Gondwara Over Bridge, which they were looking for customers to sell. Both the persons of the same appearance as described by the informer were surrounded and interrogated. On 09.05.2024, both the persons stole 04 nos of battery and 01 no of tarpaulin from truck number MH 31 FC 4462 and MH 40 N 5282 kept at Bombay MP Logistics Transport Yard Basant Vihar Gondwara and hid the same near Gondwara Over Bridge. Let us tell you that at the place kept by the accused, 04 pieces of batteries and 01 piece of tarpaulin worth Rs 40,000 were seized from the possession of the accused and the accused were arrested and sent on judicial remand.

arrested accused

  1. Rameshwar Sai Paikra, father Ramprasad Paikra, age 40 years, Sakin village, Rangartoli police station, Kansabel district, Jashpur hall, near Gandhi Maidan, Chawri police station, Kotwali district, Raipur.
  2. Buddhadu Singh, father Itwari Singh, age-47 years, Sakin village, Kumha police station, Mawai district, Mandla (M.P.), Hall address, Gondwara police station, Khamtrai Raipur, under the over bridge.

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