Theft in Sims Hospital, copper wire of AC crossed

Raipur. Copper wires of 42 new ACs installed in the wards of Chhattisgarh Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS), the largest hospital of Bilaspur division, have been stolen. At first the management ignored it, due to which the patients in the ICU and other wards continued to suffer in the scorching heat. Now the hospital superintendent has written a letter to the collector for an FIR against the security agency of the BJP leader who was negligent in security. The management has taken this action following the instructions of the Collector.

Actually, ICU male ward was constructed in SIMS during the Corona period. For the convenience of the patients, 42 new ACs were installed in the new ward. The AC in the ward has been switched off for the last one month. Due to this, the patients admitted here are facing problems in the scorching heat. Employees told that the copper wire of the AC has been stolen, due to which the AC is switched off.

The hospital management is also aware of the AC being switched off in the SIMS wards during the scorching heat. But, even after this the officials ignored it. At the same time, no FIR was even lodged regarding theft of copper wire of AC. It is being said that the copper wire of the AC has been made missing due to the connivance of the security agency operator and officers. This is the reason why the officers tried to suppress the matter and did not even complain about it to the police.

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