The first production-standard electric car was unveiled in 1884.

American History
Did you know that in 1884 that the first production-standard electric car capable of being reproduced and sold to the public was unveiled? Did you know that in the early 1900s 1/3 of all vehicles on the road were electric? They started to quickly disappear around 1920 with the introduction of petrol and Henry Ford.

Ferdinand Porsche – founder of the eponymous sports car-produced an electric vehicle called ‘P’ in 1898, before creating the world’s first hybrid offering, which was powered by both electricity and a combustion engine.

Mercedes-Benz also offered up an electric model called the Mercedes Mixte, in 1906. This car was adopted as a taxi in cities and was even developed into a race car in 1907.

We are nearly seeing the reincarnation of old tech. The first pic is a group of working EV trucks in the UK plugged in in 1917. See less

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