The department suspended the hostel superintendent

Jashpur jashpur news. There was a lot of ruckus in the pre-matric hostel located in Dumriya village of Farasbahar block on Saturday and Sunday night. The parents of the students created a ruckus accusing the hostel superintendent Narasimha Mallarj of keeping the children hungry the whole day and then throwing them out of the hostel at night.

chhattisgarh news On receiving the information about the ruckus, the divisional coordinator of the tribal department Laldev Bhagat reached the spot. After taking information from the students and parents, he has assured investigation and action in the matter. The students told the media that the hostel superintendent Narasimha Mallarj reached the hostel in an inebriated state and as soon as he reached, he started abusing and beating them. chhattisgarh

The victim children allege that they did not get anything to eat or drink in the hostel except a cup of tea since morning. The district administration has suspended the drunken hostel superintendent Narasimha Mallarj with immediate effect. Assistant Commissioner of Tribal Department, Sanjay Singh said that taking the complaint seriously, action has been taken in the matter on the basis of the statement of the hostel superintendent and the victim students.

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