Telangana news: Infant rescued from kidnappers due to quick action of police in Telangana

HYDERABAD: Acting swiftly, the Shamshabad police rescued a month-old baby girl from kidnappers and handed her over to her parents.

The incident took place on May 27 when the couple was asleep under the flyover along with their two daughters, five-year-old Anjali and infant Ammulu. In the night, the parents discovered that their younger daughter was missing. They searched everywhere for the girl in the surrounding areas, but in vain.

Following a complaint the police, a case was registered and a special team was formed to locate the missing infant.

During investigation, the team, while examining approximately 22 CCTV footage recordings in the area, noticed two women and a man abducting the infant. With the help of locals and technical evidence, the police identified and located the suspects. They were apprehended on Friday morning and the infant was reunited with her parents.

The kidnappers, who were addicted to alcohol, resorted to abducting infants with the intent to sell them to meet their expenses. On the night of the incident, they spotted the baby under the flyover and seized the opportunity to carry out their plan. However, their first attempt to earn easy money was foiled by the police.

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