Telangana news: ACB unearths land deal linked to CCS Uma Maheshwar Rao

HYDERABAD: The ACB is investigating a purported property deal worth `2 crore involving Central Crime Station (CCS) ACP Uma Maheshwar Rao which its sleuths came across while checking his mobile phone during his three-day custody that ended on Friday.

According to ACB sources, during this period, Uma Maheshwar Rao was largely uncooperative and revealed very little information. Despite his reluctance to cooperate, the ACB analysed his seized mobile phone and discovered an email trail indicating his involvement in a property transaction worth Rs 2 crore.

The email revealed that Uma Maheshwar Rao was planning to purchase an apartment valued at Rs 2 crore, with Rs 50 lakhs already paid.When questioned about it, he claimed that the money belonged to his in-laws. The ACB subsequently questioned Uma Maheshwar Rao’s in-laws, who corroborated his statement. The ACB has now asked them to provide proof supporting their claim.

Uma Maheshwar Rao faces allegations of involvement in the Sahiti Infra scam worth Rs 1,000 crore, and accusations of extortion. He has denied any misconduct, insisting that he managed the case appropriately and did not engage in any extortion activities.

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