Tamil Nadu: Pollachi’s historic well revived after 40 years, becomes vital water source

COIMBATORE: An old well in Pollachi town which was filled with debris and waste for more than 40 years which was desilted by the Pollachi Municipality during the recent drought has rejuvenated. It has started to yield fresh water as its watercourses have opened up.

The public had earlier sought the local civic body’s help to revive it. They now hope it would be an essential water source for the town during water shortage in summer if it is maintained properly.

The well called ‘Periya Kinaru’ on Nachimuthu Street in Pollachi town was not maintained for more than 40 years and it became a garbage dumping site.

It is said that drinking water was supplied to the entire Pollachi town from this well 70 years ago. After implementing a row of drinking water schemes from the Aliyar River the well was unattended and it soon became a dump site.

“As the region faced a shortage of water supply during the drought in April, the Pollachi Municipality carried out the desiliting of the well. Tonnes of waste and debris were removed. Soon after the process, water gushed out like a spring from many places in the well.

Due to continuous rains for the past few days, the well gets good water flow. The 40-foot-deep well is now filled with water up to 37 ft. They should protect the well as it helps groundwater source,” said R Vellai Nataraj, a social activist.

Pollachi Municipality Commissioner K Subbaiah said the well, which is one of the oldest in the town, was rescued as part of the preparations taken during the recent drought. Tonnes of waste were taken away from the well and now it has been completely rejuvenated. Steps have been taken to install wire mesh to prevent littering.

“We couldn’t believe that a well that was in a bad condition for several years could have such a rich water source. After a couple of days of cleaning, the well started filling naturally. The well was cleaned at a cost of around Rs 4 lakh based on requirements as per Rule 57 of the Emergency Services to Municipalities Act though the model code of conduct is in force. Our effort yielded results and we have decided to clean and protect the remaining 12 wells located in the town in the same way,” Subbaiah said

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