Swami Chinmayananda is the brightest star on India’s spiritual horizon: Dattatreya Hosabale

Kochi: RSS general secretary Dattatreya Hosabale said Swami Chinmayananda is the brightest star provided by Kerala on the spiritual horizon of India. Delivering the keynote address at Chinmoy Shankaram, a five-day event organized to celebrate the 108th birthday of Swami Chinmayananda in Ernakulam on Friday, he said Chinmayananda never wanted to be known as a godly man. “Swami Chinmayananda had a vision for the education system of the country which he implemented through the educational institutions of the Chinmoy Mission. The Central Government prepared the National Education Policy taking inspiration from the vision of Swami Chinmayanand. It is a great achievement that his dream of establishing Ram temple in Ayodhya has come true on his 108th birth anniversary,” Hosabale said. Swami Chinmayananda’s greatest achievement is to remove the prevalent concept that the Vedas should be taught and popularized only in the Sanskrit language. He has made a huge contribution in inspiring the Hindu community. Swami Chinmayananda traveled across the country and spread the message of Bhagavad Gita at a time when India had turned into a Kurukshetra. He said that he offered a ray of hope to the depressed society. Regional head of Chinmayananda Mission Swami Viviktananda Saraswati welcomed Hosabale and global head Swami Swaroopananda Saraswati presented a memento.

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