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lifestyle ; Nowadays most people of all ages are troubled by the problem of hair fall i.e. falling weak hair. According to hair beauty experts, the biggest reasons for massive hair fall can be poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle and genetics nowadays. In such a situation, it is advisable to follow a regular hair oiling routine to get healthy, strong and long hair. Hair oiling is a great traditional technique to get healthy and strong hair. Which has been used not only in India but also at the global level. In such a situation, today we have brought for you the right technique and routine of hair oiling to get rid of massive hair fall. By following which you can get rid of the problem of hair fall naturally.

Nowadays the problem of massive hair fall is easily seen in most people. To treat it naturally, hair experts recommend following “hair oiling therapy” routinely. According to experts, hair oiling is the most important part of the traditional hair care routine. In such a situation, the wonderful benefits of hair oiling are as follows.
Hair gets the right nutrition Hair and scalp get all the necessary nutrients like minerals, fatty acids, vitamins etc. from the hair oiling routine. Due to which the hair gets the necessary nutrition and strength.
Blood circulation remains correct By doing hair oiling, it becomes easier to massage the scalp. Due to which the blood flow in the scalp remains correct and the supply of all the necessary nutrients and oxygen to the hair remains correct.
Hair gets moisturization According to experts, following the hair oiling routine provides adequate moisture to the hair and scalp. Due to which the biggest problem of weak and breaking hair, dryness, can be easily eliminated.
Get rid of dry damaged hair By following the right hair oiling routine, a protective layer is formed in the hair. Which helps to protect the hair from pollution, environmental damage, UV rays and heat damage. Regular hair oiling strengthens the hair roots and gets rid of hair fall.

How to choose the right hair oiling routine for long and strong hair According to hair experts, hair oiling routine should be according to your hair type, scalp condition and daily lifestyle or routine.

Oily hair If your hair and scalp are oily type. Then you should not do too much hair oiling. For this, you can take oil massage once a week. But if your environment is not right, then to avoid pollution, you can do hair oiling at least 2 times a week.

Dry hair If your hair is dry and frizzy, then you need to do good hair oiling at least two to three times a week. It is common to have dandruff problem on dry scalp, in such a situation, regular oil massage keeps the problem of dryness and dandruff away. Moisture gets locked in dry scalp and hair by oil massage. This keeps the problem of massive hair fall away.
Normal Hair If your hair is neither too dry nor too oily, then you should follow a balanced hair oiling routine. In which you can take a simple oil massage once or twice a week to maintain a healthy moisture level. Keep in mind that after oil massage in normal hair type, the hair should be cleaned with a mild shampoo within two to three hours.

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