Soldiers returned to camp after crossing Indravati river, 8 Naxalites killed in Abujhmad

Narayanpur. Soldiers have killed 8 Naxalites in Abujhmad. Let us tell you that till late Thursday evening there was news of killing of 7 Naxalites. Bodies of 2 Maoists have been recovered by Narayanpur Police and bodies of 5 Naxalites have been recovered by Abujhmad Police. A large quantity of weapons were also found from the spot. The slain Naxalites have not been identified.

Police had received information that Naxalites’ Platoon No. 16 and Indravati Area Committee’s Naxalites were present in Rekawaya area of Abujhmad. The soldiers found the exact location of the Naxalites. Then, considering the geographical conditions of the area, police from three districts, Narayanpur, Bijapur and Dantewada were deployed for the operation. By 11 pm on Thursday night, the soldiers had surrounded a large number of Naxalites in the forests of Rekawaya. There was intermittent firing from both sides. According to sources, it was revealed that Naxalites were camping in Abujhmad. The soldiers are still present at the spot. Search operation is being conducted.

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