Sister-in-law’s love made a young man a murderer, know what is the whole matter

New Delhi. In Nangloi area, the police have arrested his younger brother from Bihar after chasing him for 1200 kilometers for killing Zamato employee Amarjeet in his own house by slitting his neck with a big butcher knife. The knife used in the crime was thrown into a drain in Nangloi. Whom she is trying to find. As a witness from whom the knife was purchased. He is also being searched. The accused liked his sister-in-law. He should not go to his brother from the village. For this he came to Delhi and bought a knife to kill his brother.

Police officials said that on May 4, at 8:59 am, Nangloi police had received a call about a young man being murdered by slitting his throat in his house. Police immediately reached the spot. A young man named Amarjeet was found lying in a pool of blood in the room. Police sent the body for post-mortem. Landlord Laxman told that Amarjeet was his nephew. Who used to work in Zomato. Amarjeet was living here for the last ten years. Amarjeet was originally a resident of village Birpur, police station Hasanpur, district Samastipur, Bihar. He got married 10 months ago and his wife lives with his family at his native place in Bihar. Three police teams were assigned the responsibility of catching the accused. A team scanned the footage of around two hundred and fifty to three hundred CCTV cameras. Team two examined the CDR of the deceased. In which it was revealed that the deceased’s brother Paramjeet had come to Delhi twice during the last week.

After this, when the CCTV footage was analyzed again, it was found that Paramjeet was present near the house of the deceased on the day of the incident. Several raids have been conducted at various places to nab the suspect Paramjeet as he was constantly changing his location. Their efforts bore fruit and finally, after honest efforts, Team-B was successful in locating him from his home in Bihar. On interrogating accused Paramjeet, it was revealed that his brother Amarjeet had gone to Delhi for work/job and his wife was living with her parents at her native place in Bihar. He also lived with his parents in Bihar. Paramjeet likes his sister-in-law but his brother Amarjeet decides to bring his wife with him to Delhi.

Paramjeet became angry with this decision and he pressured Amarjeet to leave his wife at his native place to take care of his parents but Amarjeet did not agree to him. After this Paramjeet planned to murder his brother Amarjeet. On May 2, he came to Delhi and stopped at a park in Nangloi to watch the daily activities of his brother. He then bought a butcher knife from the blacksmith to carry out his plan. Later on May 3, he went to his brother Amarjeet’s house early in the morning. The doors were already open so he easily entered the house and slit his sleeping brother’s neck with a butcher knife and fled from the spot. He threw that knife near Nala, Rao Vihar, Nangloi, Delhi. After this he went to New Delhi Railway Station via Metro and returned to his native place in Bihar. Here he came to know about Amarjeet’s murder from his family members.

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