Sirsa district once again leading in wheat production in Haryana

Haryana: Sirsa district has maintained its dominance in wheat production, once again purchasing the highest wheat in the state. Government procurement of wheat ended on 22 May. A total of 7150892 metric tonnes of wheat was purchased in the markets of 22 districts of the state. J-Forms were issued to a total of 11,09,591 farmers in the state. In Sirsa district alone, these forms were issued to about 1,23,549 farmers from whom 8,52,392 metric tonnes of wheat was purchased.

Karnal district secured second position with the purchase of 7,72,857 metric tonnes of wheat. Jind district stood third with purchase of 7,36,341 metric tonnes of wheat. This season’s procurement took place from April 1 to May 22.
Highest arrival of wheat occurred in Dabwali Market Committee in Sirsa district. 4,62,131 quintals more wheat was purchased in the district compared to last year. Last year, 81,74,832 quintals of wheat were purchased and this year, 86,36,963 quintals of wheat were purchased in the mandis and procurement centers of the district. The maximum arrival of 1890769 quintals of wheat was in Dabwali Market Committee. Rania Market Committee stood second with procurement of 18,08,186 quintals, and Sirsa Market Committee stood third with 1,804,404 quintals. Additionally, Kalanwali Market Committee purchased 1,783,360 quintals, Ellenabad 7,67,580 quintals and Ding Market Committee purchased 5,82,664 quintals of wheat.
Rahul Kundu of Development Monitoring and Evaluation Office (DMEO) said that there was a bumper crop of wheat in the district this year and Sirsa was leading in the state in wheat production with the purchase of 8,52,392 metric tonnes.

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