Sarpanch’s son is doing illegal excavation of Murum, whole village is troubled due to arbitrariness

Rajnandgaon. Murum excavation is being done in Dagdeva pond. In Gram Panchayat Tedesara, illegal digging of mud is being done indiscriminately by the son of the Sarpanch. Gram Panchayat Panch Ajay Sahu said that for a long time, gross arbitrariness has been being done by the Sarpanch’s son Satish Sahu. Panch told that in this Dagdeva pond, work has been approved under MNREGA to provide labor to the villagers.

Gram Panchayat Panchayat said that a high level inquiry should be conducted regarding this illegal method of digging. A complaint has been made in the district regarding this illegal excavation. Sarpanch’s son Satish Sahu and Deputy Sarpanch Devlal Sahu are in collusion in illegal mud mining in Dagdeva pond. Due to illegal mud mining, work in Gram Panchayat Tedsara is on the verge of being stopped for a week. Sarpanch’s son Satish Sahu said that no illegal mining has been done by me, there is a cultural program in the village, for which the program is to be organized in front of the Gram Panchayat, for which a mudroom has been set up.

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