Sadak Surakhya Force, Patiala, helps Japanese youth

A 29-year-old Japanese traveller who is on a world tour on bicycle got much-needed assistance from the Sadak Surakhya Force (SSF), Patiala, when he needed photocopies of his visa papers.

Hirota Tatsuya, a software engineer, faced a communication challenge while trying to get photocopies of his visa documents. Punjab Police constables Gurjinder Singh and Sukhdeep Singh, who were patrolling the highway from Khanauri to Dugal Kalan, spotted Tatsuya cycling towards Amritsar.

“Tatsuya needed the copies of the documents to be presented to Pakistani officials as he planned to cross over to Pakistan via the Wagah border,” Constable Gurjinder Singh said.

“During a conversation, Tatsuya said he was on a world tour to spread the message of peace. He was curious about the Sikh faith and the significance of turban, particularly why so many people in Punjab wear it. I explained about the Sikh faith and the importance of the turban. He appreciated the hospitality and promised to visit the Golden Temple,” the policeman said.

The SSF team told Tatsuya that in case he encountered any difficulties on his way, he could dial 112 for assistance.

The SSF was set up to improve traffic movement and reduce road accidents in the state. Over 140 vehicles and 5,000 employees deployed on road every 30 km to assist people and rush injured to hospital, besides towing away accidental or broken-down vehicles to clear the road for traffic.

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