Ravinder Raina said- bumper voting took place due to peace and development

Jammu: A day after Lok Sabha elections ended for all phases in Jammu and Kashmir, BJP UT chief Ravinder Raina said record-breaking turnout was seen in some areas where earlier people did not come out to vote. “Peace, prosperity and large-scale development in Jammu and Kashmir under the BJP-led central government has resulted in bumper voting in the Lok Sabha elections,” Raina said.

Raina said his party is fully prepared for the much-awaited assembly elections and expressed hope that the latest trend of voter turnout, especially in the Kashmir Valley, will continue in the upcoming elections, which will also include local bodies.

During a press conference in Jammu, Raina said that widespread participation of people in the electoral process has resulted in record-breaking turnout in Jammu and Kashmir. “The bumper turnout by the enthusiastic people is a testament to the new Jammu and Kashmir which is walking on the path of peace, prosperity, brotherhood and development under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose government has been able to instill a sense of security in the hearts.” The minds of the local population,” Raina said.
“A free and fair electoral process took place in a peaceful environment where every political party was able to campaign freely. This is a testament to the better security and development under the BJP government,” Raina said.

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