Ranveer Singh: Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman praise Indian stars

Ranveer Singh: Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman praise Indian stars, Deadpool and Wolverine actor Ryan Reynolds has praised Ranveer Singh. In a conversation with Indian content creators, the actor was asked which Bollywood star he would like to work with. Ryan did not think twice before naming Ranveer Singh. Incidentally, Ranveer had lent his voice for Deadpool in Deadpool 2. In a video shared by Marvel India, Ryan said, “Oh, Ranveer Singh is amazing. He has voiced Deadpool. But also very funny. (pointing towards Hugh Jackman), do you think you fit? This guy makes you look like a spy. He is incredible.” At the same time, Hugh Jackman praised Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma. Hugh revealed that he is a cricket lover and when asked about his favorite cricketer from the Indian team, he took the name Rohit. “Right now, Rohit. Come on. You just took the cup home. I am happy,” Reynolds marveled. He also revealed that “Rohit was a beast” in the T20 World Cup tournament.

Ryan and Hugh are preparing for the release of Deadpool and Wolverine. Directed by Shawn Levy, the film, also known as Deadpool 3, is considered the most awaited film of 2024, its trailer has become the most watched trailer in the history of the MCU. The film will be released on July 26, 2024. During the event, Levy explained why the next film is not Deadpool 3, but both characters will be treated equally. “In terms of crafting the story of Deadpool and Wolverine, I felt privileged every day because You’re talking about two great movie stars in their most iconic roles. They also gave me a chance. This is the third Deadpool movie, but it’s not Deadpool 3. It’s something different that’s very much like Deadpool and Wolverine. And it doesn’t try to copy anything from the first two movies. “Those were incredible, but this is a two-character adventure,” he said.

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