Rajnandgaon: The doctor was missing, the injured youth died

Rajnandgaon rajnandgaon news. An injured youth died due to lack of treatment as there was no doctor in Chhuriya Community Health Center. Angered by this, the family members of the deceased created a ruckus in the hospital. The matter calmed down after the family got assurance of action against the doctor. The case is of Chhuriya Police Station Chhuriya police station area. chhattisgarh

chhattisgarh news According to the information, Gaindlal Sahu father Bhaggu Lal Sahu (38) resident Atra had left the village on Monday night with his friend Tinu Shandilya on a bike to get a cake for his daughter’s birthday. During this, his bike collided with a wild boar in the middle of the road. The wild boar retaliated on the injured youth, causing serious injuries to his head.

After the uproar of passersby, the wild boar ran towards the forest. The injured youth was brought to the Community Health Center Chhuriya by his family with the help of 112 for treatment, where the doctor was absent from duty in the hospital. The administration took action on the complaint of the absence of the doctor but by then it was too late and the young man died due to lack of treatment.

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