Raipur: TI Vedvati Dariyo used to take even 500 rupees as bribe

Raipur raipur news. TI Vedvati Dario caught taking bribe used to take 500 rupees in bribe. On the condition of anonymity, a victim told that TI Vedvati Dario used to demand bribe for small and big cases. If any victim reached the police station, it was necessary to give bribe to TI Vedvati Dario. She did not start the action without bribe.

A victim expressed his pain – The said victim further told that TI Vedvati Dario has also beaten him. And she was bent on making him the accused in the case.

After this, the complainant woman went to the ACB office and told the whole thing to the officials. About a week ago, this complaint reached Anti Corruption. On Friday morning, the woman reached the police station again but due to the crowd in the police station, TI Dario turned her back. The ACB team was constantly present with the victim. After this, the victim again reached the police station in the evening. When the victim gave 20 thousand rupees to the TI inside the police station, the ACB team was present outside. After giving the money to the inspector, the woman signaled the ACB officials. Dario had just put the money in her pocket when the ACB officials arrived.

A chemical was applied to Dario’s hand, which caused color to appear on her hand. This is because the notes that the woman had given to Dario already had a chemical applied to them. chhattisgarh news Let us tell you that Vedvati was arrested red handed by the ACB on Friday evening while taking a bribe of 20 thousand rupees. Actually, a woman from Lodhipara came to the women’s police station. Fed up with her husband, the woman asked the police station in-charge Vedvati to take action and register an FIR. It is alleged that the woman inspector demanded 50 thousand rupees. After pleading, she agreed to register the case for 35 thousand. chhattisgarh

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