Raipur: Driver runs away after crushing woman

Raipur/Dharsiva. A woman has died after being hit by an unknown vehicle in Silatra, an industrial area of ​​Dharsiva. After the accident, the driver fled from the spot along with the vehicle. People working in nearby industrial factories first saw the woman’s mutilated body lying on the road, after which they informed the police. According to chhattisgarh news information, the deceased woman has not been identified yet. People living near the incident site said that the deceased used to collect glass bottles on the roadsides of the industrial area every day. After receiving information about the incident, the police reached the spot and sent the body of the unknown woman to Dharsiva mortuary through an ambulance. At the same time, after this accident, the police has started searching for the unknown vehicle that fled. Efforts are also being made to identify the deceased.

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