Raipur Corporation issues challan to dozens of shopkeepers, gives final warning for keeping dustbin

Raipur. Raipur Municipal Corporation has started adopting a strict stance in the matter of cleanliness to make the capital clean and beautiful. Today, the team of Municipal Corporation Zone No. 10 Health Department, after receiving public complaint regarding spreading of filth, conducted a raid on the shops along the Amlidih main road. During this period, filth was found outside many shops. On which fine was collected from the shopkeepers.

Under the leadership of Zone 10 Zone Commissioner Ramesh Jaiswal and in the presence of Zone Health Officer Puran Tandi, women of Mahila Self Help Group and employees of Zone 10 Health Department inspected the cleanliness of the shops. During this period, the public complaint received regarding spreading filth and not keeping dustbin in the shop was found to be correct, on this, on the instructions of the Zone Commissioner, the Zone Health Officer imposed a total fine of Rs 1850 on 15 shopkeepers for not keeping dustbin in the shop and spreading filth and gave them a fine of Rs. Giving a stern warning to Vasula.

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