Ragging is strictly prohibited in BITS

Rayachoti (Annamayya district): Bhaskar Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and respectful learning environment for all students. Ragging is strictly prohibited at the institute and will not be tolerated in any form. BITS has released a circular in this regard outlining the college’s anti-ragging policy and expectations of student conduct. What is ragging? Ragging includes any act, conduct or practice by which a student is subjected to physical or psychological abuse or is compelled to do something that causes humiliation or embarrassment such as: verbal abuse or name-calling, physical violence, forced participation in activities, damage to property, social exclusion. Severity of ragging: Ragging is a serious offence that can lead to severe consequences for those involved. Here are some of the possible consequences: Disciplinary action: Students found guilty of ragging may face disciplinary action, including suspension or expulsion from the college. Legal action: Ragging is a punishable offence under Indian law. Students found guilty may face fines or imprisonment. Impact on future prospects: A record of ragging can have a negative impact on a student’s future academic and professional opportunities. Instructions for students: Treat all your fellow students with respect and dignity. Report any incidents of ragging immediately to the college authorities. Undertaking: All students enrolled at BITS are required to submit an undertaking along with their parents/guardians, in which they commit to abide by the anti-ragging policy. Reporting mechanism: The college has established a robust mechanism for reporting incidents of ragging. Students can report ragging to: the Anti-Ragging Committee, any faculty member and the college principal. The college management encourages all students to become involved in creating a safe and positive learning environment for all. Contact Information: For any questions or concerns regarding ragging, please contact: Dr. ACS Reddy, Chairman of the Anti-Ragging Committee at 079817 02122.

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