Police took action against vehicles parked in no parking

Rajnandgaon. To organize the traffic in Rajnandgaon city, action was taken against 96 vehicles parked in no parking and a summon fee of Rs 28800 was collected. The police administration has appealed to all the drivers to park their vehicles only at the designated parking spot. Cooperate with the traffic department to maintain traffic order and avoid inconvenience.

In fact, last Sunday, in order to ease the traffic in Sanskardhani, under the direction of SP Mohit Garg, the traffic in-charge and the traffic team conducted traffic jams at the city’s Jai Stambh Chowk, Gudakhu Line, Juni Hatari, Cinema Line, Azad Chowk, Manav Mandir Chowk, Fountain Chowk. , Action has been taken against vehicles parked at no parking near Jalaram Sweets.

The police administration appealed to the general public and said that by parking wrongly you will waste your time and respect. Therefore, help in facilitating the traffic system by parking your vehicles at the right place so that the traffic system of the city can be improved.

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