Police tightened the noose on cricketer Virat Kohli’s pub

Bengaluru: Karnataka’s Bengaluru Police has taken action on pubs being opened till late night. FIR has been registered against the management of many pubs. One of these pubs is also owned by cricketer Virat Kohli. According to the information, one8 commune pub is located on MG Road in Bengaluru. This pub is owned by Virat Kohli. Bengaluru Police says that FIR has been registered against one8 pub and other pubs. It is alleged that pubs were being operated till late night even after the operational time.

DCP Central said in a statement, we have booked about 3-4 pubs to operate till 1:30 am last night. We also received complaints of loud music being played at night.

The police also said that pubs are allowed to remain open only till 1 am. The pub cannot be operated for more time than this. one8 commune pub located on MG Road is close to Chinnaswamy Stadium. On July 6, an FIR was filed against the manager of one8 commune pub for running the pub beyond operational hours.

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