Police filed FIR against journalist, dogs troubled him

Syed Idrish, Rameez Ahmed Qazi, Syed Asif Ali, Faisal Ahmed Qazi, Musharraf Hussain, Waheed Akhtar, Samad Ayubi, Sabdar Khan, Rajendra Singh, Gurjeet Singh Pahuja, Asif Ali and many other residents of the local ward 13 opposite Raza Masjid have told that Sohail Akram, the owner of the house opposite Raza Masjid, has kept a dog in his house for the last 10-12 months. A week ago, he left the dog outside the house. That dog is attacking people passing by on the way. It also chases children going to the mosque and school.

All the residents of the ward have lodged a report that the dog should be caught and left elsewhere. Since leaving the pet dog as a stray in the locality has created an atmosphere of fear. According to the residents of the locality, Sohail Akram’s dog had also bitten a pet cat a few days ago. Hence, a case has been registered against journalist Sohail Akram.

The residents of the ward have given an application to the Municipal Council President and City Police Station in this regard and have demanded relief from the terror of the dog and action against the dog’s owner. In this case, the police have registered a case against the dog’s owner under Section 296, 351 -2 of the Indian Penal Code and have taken it into investigation.

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