Pig attack on tendu leaf collector, death on the spot

Rajnandgaon. A wild boar attacked a collector plucking tendu leaves in Aundhi area of Mohla-Manpur district. The villager died on the spot in the attack. This is the second incident of wild boar attack in Mohla-Manpur area within four days.

According to the information received, Ramsingh Gawde, a resident of Halepayali in Aundhi area, left home as usual in the morning to pluck tendu leaves. While plucking leaves in the forest, around 9 o’clock, a wild boar attacked him. He was seriously injured in the attack and died there. This is the second incident of death of a collector while plucking in the forest within the last four days.

Before this Mohla-Manpur-An. A villager was badly injured by a wild boar attack in Chowki district. The above matter is of Herkutum village adjacent to Mohla. Villager Shivcharan Kunjam (60 years) had gone to the forest adjacent to the village to cut wood in the morning, when suddenly a wild boar attacked the villager. The villager suffered serious injuries due to the attack of the wild boar. As soon as the villagers and family got information about the incident, they immediately took Shivcharan Kunjam to the Community Health Center in Mohalla with the help of an ambulance.

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