Officials forgot to give ultimatum of two days to vacate the house

Shivrinarayan. Ward no. of Nagar Panchayat Shivrinarayan. In 12, some women had illegally occupied the house built for the laborers for the construction of the barrage, which Shivrinarayan Tehsildar K Jaiswal, Hakla Patwari Mohan Banerjee and Naib Tehsildar Sanjay Bareth reached the spot and inspected the spot.

In which the house was found occupied which was ordered to be demolished within two days. If the house is not vacated within two days, then strict legal action will be taken against the people living in the said house, but let us tell you that till now no action of any kind is being seen near Barrage Mod. Let us tell you that the house was lying vacant for a long time and the land mafia of the city had called the people from the outside village and made them stay there with the intention of taking it over.

On which the team of Shivrinarayan Press Club had submitted the application to the Tehsildar for action, on which the Tehsil team immediately reached the spot and ordered the occupants of the house to immediately leave and after talking to the higher officials, the building was put under lockdown for two days. An order was also given to break into the house. Tehsildar KK Jaiswal had talked about taking immediate action in case of any complaint of illegal occupation by the land mafias, but I don’t know why the land mafias are becoming bigger than the officials, that is why the land mafias are getting protection due to which Due to this the house has not been vacated till now.

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