‘Odia Samaj Abu Dhabi’ Organizes Odia Cultural Extravaganza ‘Utkarsha’ In Dubai

New Delhi: On May 26, 2024, in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, the “Odia Samaj Abu Dhabi” organized a vibrant Odia cultural program called “Utkarsha” to celebrate Utkal Dibasa. The event aimed to keep the Odia community connected to Odisha’s culture and to introduce Odia children abroad to the rich heritage and traditions of Odisha.

The program showcased a blend of traditional and modern arts, reflecting the cultural diversity of Odisha. It began with a bhajan glorifying Lord Jagannath, performed by the renowned singer Debanshi.

The Indian Ambassador to the UAE, H.E. Mr. Sanjay Sudhir, graced the occasion as the chief guest. He inaugurated the event by lighting the ceremonial lamp and offering flowers to Lord Jagannath. In his inaugural address, he emphasized the importance of Odisha’s art and culture.

The “Prabasi Utkarsha” magazine was unveiled, featuring beautiful short stories, poems, and essays by local children and adult writers. The magazine also showcased artistic drawings by young artists.

The program included various performances by expatriate Odia children and adults, including fashion shows, songs, and dances. A notable highlight was a traditional folk dance “ Goti Pua” presented by artists sponsored by the Odisha government, which left the audience spellbound.

Renowned Odia singers Deepti Rekha and Satyajit entertained the audience with melodious traditional and modern songs, making everyone sway to the rhythm.

Expatriate Odias in Abu Dhabi displayed the unique arts, culture, and traditions of Odisha. The colorful cultural program was thoroughly enjoyable, with children and adults performing Sambalpuri and Ollywood dances on stage. Expatriate Odias also presented beautiful Odia songs.

A special attraction was the fashion show, which featured traditional, modern, and tribal attire from Odisha, captivating the audience coordinated by in house mentor and famous fashion designer Sri Ramakrishna Pattnaik. Another highlight was the serving of traditional Odia cuisine.

Over 400 Odias from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other parts of the UAE attended the event. The joint efforts of the executive committee members of the Odia Samaj Abu Dhabi (OSA) made this grand celebration a great success.

The president of the Odia Samaj Abu Dhabi, Mr. Manas Udgata, expressed his happiness at preserving and promoting Odia culture and heritage outside Odisha. Cultural Secretary Mr. Jitendra Mishra thanked all participants and the audience for their support and congratulated them on the program’s success. Vice-president Mr. Ravi Dash expressed hope that such entertaining programs would continue in the future, while General Secretary Mr. Kartik Singh thanked all Odias for their enthusiastic participation.

The program was a unique experience for the audience, who looked forward to similar events in the coming years.

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